diary of ahde vefa

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  • hi me real me. we don' talk very much i know. actually when did we talk together ı don't remember. so let's talk it.

    do u remember the last hapiness you felt before the ten years of unemployment? it was long time ago but i miss that feeling. yes your last hapiness is being loved by your lover.he loved you so much, remember? you loved him very much too. then you left him cause of his jealousy. why he jealous of you... cause of your beauty? bullshit!!
    cause of your attractiveness ? bullshit. think about that.

    he and i met at 2004. after he went to military for being temporary soldier, i passed the university exam then i was accepted by ist. university.he came to istanbul after me and bought a cafe for working.yes every good things and bad things lived at that little cafe.

    let's go to the first day of being at istanbul.
    my family wanted me to live at a dormitory.so we looked for a good girl dormitory.after we found a good one, father left me there and went izmir.

    i have 5 roommates which i dont remember even their names or faces. wait a minute yes one of them is yasemin haha :)) it was the first time i was going to live alone ( aalllll aloneee ) my god yes i feel the freedom even now. being free is the most gorgeous thing in the world. i could do anything i want, i could go anywhere i want, i could buy anything i want .. and i fall in love with istanbul for being free at it, i guess.

    anyway my bed was in front of the room's door and my closet was not very big but enough for me. i placed my clothes in the closet and took a shower ( the dormitory has 6 bath. for each floor 2 bath it has ) and ate dinner then went my room again.i was very tired and after that day my lessons would begin. so i went to my bed for sleep, looked my phone but he didnt call me or text message if i came istanbul or not. that was horrible thing for a lover but i was so asleep..

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  • what a borring day for me or should i say my every day is borring nowadays.
    wake up, eat breakfast, smoke cigarette, wash dishes, take shower, clean house, cook sth whatever u want, check ösym and memurlar.net.ilan, talk your mother, watch a movie etc. but my days with father were worse than now. ( thank god for my current days )

    anyway i began to go university at 2005. my first day was not bad. we didnt learn sth but met eachother. all my classmates are only 50 person and they were from different cities. our teacher asked each of us what's our name, age, from which high school we graduated , from which city we came to istanbul etc.

    after that i came to my dormitory. the dormitory has a lot of rules and bans. for example i couldnt stay outside after 17.00, couldnt smoke cigarette or couldnt stay at a friend's home.. yes it was very hard for me cause i didn't want to live a dormitory like that but it was my family's request. the most important thing they banned was ' you can not date a boy if u dont want to marry him' . and i have got a boyfriend as you know even if he didnt call me and cheated me at those days :))

    meanwhile he had 2 girlfriends including me. of course i didnt know it at that time. hmm at that time i wanted to knit a scarf for him for valentines day. what a bad idea girl dont knit please dont..

    yes he didnt call me or text me still. i called him cause i wondered if he was good or not. he was upset while we were talking, cause his big brother wanted to cooperate his cafe together. it meant big brother want to be his boss and my bf bought that cafe by all his money. but for their tradition it isnt problem for family actually it was the right thing if 2 brothers were away from family. we talked about daily stuff and we arranged the meeting day.

    after hung up the phone, my roommates asked with whom i was talking. my god they were little ugly spies.( i didnt know that they were spies those days. i learned it after a year )
    and i ate dinner alone in refectory then began to read a book which has no means but love.

    now thinking of that, it was very clear that i wasnt belog there. i even couldnt smoke at my room or at dormitory so i had to wait going to university for smoking. for a while i did like that. didnt smoke at dormitory and smoked at university. it was very childish thing but necessary to adapt.

    meantime today my neighbour's cat got lost. the day began weird for me and them. fortunately someone found pussy cat and brought it to me. cause neighbour wasnt at his home.
    cat's name is misket, he is very little , his fur is all white and very sweet. our cats hissed to him anytime they saw misket. at night they came and took their cat.

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  • the meeting day came at last. we didnt see eachother for months and i was so excited.what would i wear, how would i catch up 17.00 o'clock ( his cafe was far away from my dormitory) and i didnt know istanbul .

    woke up in the early morning and went to school fortunately that day's lessons finished at noon. i did make up and took a bus to his cafe. in istanbul's traffic my way took 2 hours but in normally it takes 30 minutes i guess.

    and i saw him, how i missed my sweet guy. i don't remember what he weared but he was and is a handsome, very charming man. (my heart was beating like it would come out). we drank tea and began talking about our changes. while we were talking his phone began ringing. he didnt pick up his phone and muted the phone. while we were talking i could see his phone's light on and off regularly so i suspected why he didnt answer it.

    some customers came and went meanwhile. and when he went to loo i took his phone. it was ringing still.his male friend was calling ( was it a man ? ofcourse it was a girl with a man's name ) wait for it and i began to look at his messages. yes there was a lot of messages form a girl. they talked about everything but me. i began to cry cause he is my first lover.dear me what a bad situation i was in. about 10 minutes later he came. i asked him who is blabla? he was shocked, his face turned red.

    left him there and went my dormitory. i deleted his number, messages and photos ; threw away his gifts which he gave me before. that day i waited him to call me or text me but he didnt. he didnt call or text for a week. and that week a new song came out from seksendört. the song suited my situation :) it's name is ' ölürüm hasretinle ' . yes that song fuck my heart over and over for months.

    let's turn his calling. he said he was very sorry, it was only for fun ( o my god really? for fun? who said a person ' aşkım, tatlım etc. ' for fun? ), he loved me very much etc. but it was not enough for me and i said i didnt love him anymore ( haha i was deeply love him while i was saying that) and i wanted to focus on my university life.' sorry and dont call me anymore' was my last words.
    after hang up the phone, i began to cry again cause i was in love with him. in the meantime i thought to begin knitting the scarf for valentines day gift. why? cause i was such a stupid who thought knitting scarf for a guy who cheat on her.

    as the days passed my exams began and i started to study for my exams and began to make friends at my dormitory. but it was so hard if each of you were totally incompatible. not problem for me, i had already a full schedule and it was ramadan days.
  • ı would like to inform you that this is not only a diary, this is also a real love story and i am a woman who lives in a muslim country. so i cant write every details of it sorry for that :) please guess the unwritten things.

    nowadays i am very busy oh my lord i am so sleepy like i am a walking sleep( evet yürüyen uyku gibiyim) .
    nowadays i began pilates cause my waist is so weak according to other person's waists. but after started doing pilates i realize that i need it not just for my healt but also for my soul. now i feel so good during my dailylife. for example before pilates i went bed at early times after work,but now even if i am tired i can do anything i want and 6 hours sleep is enough for me, i can do my daily personel care like face mask, hair mask, etc. but still my days are so full and it is tiring despite pilates.

    so see u soon diary kisses
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  • hi me again..

    the days passed very fast without him. i went izmir after exams and stayed with my family for 3 months.those days were so good for me but not good for my family. cause i had a bad father who doesnt love us.
    anyway after summer holiday i went back istanbul. my big problem was i didnt have got a place to stay and my lessons started. the second problem was i havent got any other clothes with me. cause my family want to sent them after i got a place for staying.( why i didnt have got a place to stay? :)) cause they threw me out of the house. the reason was ' i had got a boyfriend' . )

    one of my classmate took me her dormitory in secret. yes i stayed secretly at a dormitory for a week. while going to my college or applying for a government dorm i went out secretly. at last i found a place for staying in a government dorm thank god. those days were both sad and also funny for me. i made a lot of friends at that dorm, they had free minds and hearts. actually i still seeing one of them ..

    i took my suitcase, prepared the documents which they wanted for applying and went my new dorm. after the applying procedures i went to my room. it was for six person,has 6 beds and cabinets, has a table and only a chair. put my some stuff into my cabinet, took off my clothes and went my bed. called my family for informing that i found a place and want my clothes. then i fell asleep.

    he called me several times and send messages while i was sleeping. it smiles me even now :) think about that, i was expelled from my previous stıdent house because of him and he didnt help me with the problems at that situation.. did i still love him?.. why? why? it wasnt a pure love i think now, it turned into a ego war for me.. yes ! i made a plan for him guys dont worry for it ;) and i won my little war :) my plan was 'make him fall in love with myself and left him like a homeless guy ' . ( remember i was expelled cause of him )

    while we were talking at phone, i didnt show him my real intention and talked like there didnt any problem with us about my throwing away from previous house.we decided to seeing eachother again as lovers.
    and i started to think about the details of my plan. meanwhile it was dinner time and my roommates came one by one. they were all medical students and at the begining they were good people. ( they were good friends really ) we met eachother and ate dinner together at dorm's cafe.

    after dinner they ordered me tea and we went to my new dorm's terrace and chatted a little to get to know eachother. they were all a doctor candidate and i was a unemployed candidate cause of my branch. anyway after tea, they went to study their lessons and i went to shower. ( they gave me some clothes for wearing at dorm ).

    while doing these things, i was also thinking about my plan's details. the most important point was not pity for him while taking my revenge cause i still liked him. but how could i make him fall in love with me?

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